Saturday, July 13, 2024

Nigerian Students Schooling In UK Increases – British Envoy

The British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Richard Montgomery says the number of Nigerians travelling to the United Kingdom, UK, via study route had multiplied in the last three years.

He said UK’s decision in banning international students from bringing family members with them to the UK, starting 2024, was to avoid overburdening the country’s housing infrastructure and to control the inflow of migrants.

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He said many more students are trying to bring their dependents with them…but it is not always possible to find the housing and services to meet all the needs of all existing student population.

The UK Home Office said international students, including Nigerians, would no longer be able to bring family members with them to the UK starting January 2024.

It also announced that overseas students would be stopped from switching from the student visa route to a work visa until their studies have been completed.

The decision has been greeted with mixed reactions from international students, schools, and some British lawmakers, who argued that the regulation would aggravate labour shortages in critical sectors, such as health care and threaten the country’s global standing as a top destination for international talents.

Montgomery said the number of Nigerian students in UK has increased, noting that It is a fantastic success story for the universities but bring family members will have to stop.

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