Nigerian Youth Brigade Receive Education On Use Of Tobacco

Two time winner of World Health Organization (WHO), World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) Award in West Africa and the Founder of the Eye Opener Women and Youth Foundation, Margaret Kwa’ada Julius, has for the first time taken sensitization campaigns to hundreds of Nigerian youth brigade in kaduna state.

According to her, the Eye Opener Foundation took the campaigns to Nigeria Boys /Girls Brigade with the aim of educating youths on harmful effects of cigarette smoking and other substance and also to any youth using any dangerous substance to quit, so that they will not influence the upcoming ones.

Margaret Added that, “The participants of the conference were so excited to hear about the danger associated with cigarette smoking and at the end of the workshop, the foundation officially inaugurated the Tobacco/Substance Abstinence Club, where teachings on how to abstain and how to help save life of the users will be done every week.”

The workshop ended with threading on Tobacco products as a sign of NO TOBACCO. The foundation had also promised to supply training materials for age group training to the Boys/Girls Brigade.

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