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Nollywood Actress, Rahama Sadau, Calls On Govt To Urgently Fund Movie Industry

Nollywood actress and movie producer, Rahama Sadau, has called on the federal government to urgently fund the movie industry to boost the nation’s economy.

According to her, the paucity of funds is one major setback affecting the industry.

The actress stated this at the premiere of a Netflix Limited Series, ‘The Plan’ at the weekend in Abuja.

The Plan portrays the culture of northern Nigeria, with a focus on a storyline based on trust and loyalty.

The series directed by Dimbo Atiya, and produced by Sadau and Safina Mohamed, has set a record in the movie industry having the first movie where all the Executive producers are from northern Nigeria.

Sadau said: “Hugely, lack of funding has been a major setback for the entire industry. We have a lot of talents. We have a lot of creatives, and we have no or little funding anywhere.

“We have almost 90 per cent of filmmakers who bring in their money to produce films. So, what I will always plead is for government involvement.

“We have seen Avatar, Wakanda. It is not just one person that made the movie, there are a lot of producers.

“The government should look into the creative industry so that we can be a greater industry,” she said.

On the production, she said: “The movie means a lot to northern Nigeria, it means that we are now telling our stories to the global audience and rather than just telling our stories to ourselves, not just northern Nigeria, but Nollywood as a whole because any movie on a platform like this deserves an acknowledgement.”

One of the Executive Producers of The Plan, Sefyna Mohammed, said the movie is the first Hausa movie on Netflix where all the executive producers are from the north, adding that the movie portrayed the culture of northern Nigeria.

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