Nuclear Energy Partnership: Kogi In Talks With China

The Kogi government says it is in talks with China on the provision of nuclear energy in the state.

This formed part of discussions at a meeting attended by Yahaya Bello, governor of Kogi, and Qui Jian Chun, China’s ambassador to Nigeria.

The Chinese ambassador attended the meeting at the Kogi government house on Monday, alongside a delegation from the China National Nuclear Corporation.

According to a statement by the Kogi government, Chun said his key interest as the ambassador is to facilitate China’s investment and technology for the benefit of Nigeria and certain states like Kogi, adding that nuclear energy would further attract investment to the state, improve its infrastructure, tax revenue, job creation, and attract vast social economic development.

According to him, with a fruitful relationship between Nigeria and China, Kogi can also benefit from China’s vested interest in technology as the country is a leading reference in areas of modern infrastructure.

He spoke on the benefits of nuclear energy, and also expressed optimism that China could, in the nearest future, have a policy in which Nigeria, particularly states like Kogi, could export more products into the Chinese market.

There were also discussions on establishing a department of nuclear energy at the Confluence University of Science and Technology, Osara, as well as talks on facilitating exchange programmes for students from both countries.

On his part, the Kogi governor thanked the Chinese ambassador for an interest in the state, adding that his administration is committed to fostering a relationship with the Chinese government.

He urged the country not to relent in sharing its wealth of experience with Nigeria.

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