Nashville police officer James Wells is being hailed as a hero for helping to evacuate people from downtown Nashville moments before a suicidal man detonated a bomb in an RV. Now the officer says God was speaking directly to him and that is what helped save his own life in the process.

Wells sprung into action after arriving on the scene of the suspicious vehicle on Christmas Day. The vehicle was being treated as a possible bomb situation.

In a press conference on Sunday, Wells said he heard the call of Officer Tyler Luellen saying that he needed everyone at the scene on Second Avenue immediately.

Wells and his partner, Officer Amanda Topping, pulled up to the RV, unaware that it was the vehicle in question and would soon cause a massive explosion.

After moving and getting a rescue plan in place which helped many evacuate. He says God saved his own life.

Authorities confirmed that the man suspected of igniting the bomb died in the blast. Civilians sustained injuries but none were fatal.

Wells has only been with the police department for 21 months.


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