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Olisa Agbakoba Faces Backlash Over CSU Madness Comment

Human rights activist, maritime lawyer and former President of Nigerian Bar Association, DR Olisa Agbakogba, had some words for lawyers who spoke and continue to speak on the matter of the president’s certificate.

Agbakoba in a message posted on social media, said.

This madness of Chicago State University must stop now!!!
The cacophony of discordant voices on Tinubu/Atiku over the certificate matter is completely out of hand. This utter nonsense from armchair lawyers is heating up Nigeria dangerously.
Please can we keep our opinions and views to ourselves awaiting a decision of the Supreme Court.
I am so ashamed to see Lawyers on Television arguing one way or the other on the merits or demerits of the Chicago State University matter. This is most unhelpful!
I call out all media that tolerate this nonsense of adjudicating the CSU matter on TV and Newspapers.
I urge the President of the Nigerian Bar Association to call out lawyers that breach rules of ethics by turning the media into a Court of Law.
Can we please stop heating up our country!!! Let us allow the Supreme Court of Nigeria to make a judicial pronouncement which is binding on us all!!!! This public nonsense must stop.

Agbakobas comment did not sit well with many Nigerians, who expressed immense dissatisfaction.

Many highlighted the sharp contrast between his interview from six months again, where he expressed distrust for the judiciary and the sudden call for Nigerians to wait for the supreme court ruling on the subject.

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