The governor of Oyo state, Seyi Makinde has appealed to residents of Shasha community, in the state’s capital of Ibadan, to refrain from taking matters into their own hands.

He said this while visiting the community in the company of the Ondo state governor, Rotimi Akeredolu on Sunday February 14. He promised that compensation as well as palliatives would be made available to all residents who may have lost shops, houses and wares in the violence that erupted and overwhelmed the area.

What escalated into a crises started on Thursday and was ignited by a face-off between a Yoruba and a Hausa resident of the community.

The governor, called for the people to allow peace reign and not to think that resorting to “self-help” was an option. he promised that all the culprits will be fished out and brought to book.

he said, “I was reluctant to declare curfew here, because i feel the economic wellbeing of everyone here is important, and because this is where you get what you use to feed yourselves. i will engage with your leaders this evening. one thing is, if you allow those who don’t have anything to lose here to blow this matter out of proportion, one one will be able to say where the crises will end. By the grace of God, i pray we don’t lose anymore lives.

“You have been living together peacefully and all im pleading to you is, no matter what is making anyone angry, we will solve it with patience”

He went further to promise that house lost, would be rebuilt immediately and law abiding citizens who incurred loses would be compensated.

Governor Akeredolu later addressed the people saying that he was in the state un-behalf of all the other southwest governors to appeal to the people to embrace peace. He urged members of the community to think about their family members in other parts of the country and put an end to the crises.

“I have come here on behalf of my colleagues in Ekiti, Lagos, Osun and Ogun. All of them have sent messages. Ogun state has its own crises it is battling with, so does Lagos. But as the chairman, i decided to come here to appeal to us” he said.

“Though we are here in our fatherland, our own sons and daughters are in another persons fatherland. So let us think about this and continue to live in peace with one another. we don’t need to fight ourselves.”


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