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Printing Errors Found in Mozambique School Books, Govt Recalls

Mozambique’s Ministry of Education and a private publisher have apologised after printing errors were found in a Portuguese language text book used in primary schools.

The page numbers in Ouvir e Falar, Ler e Escrever (Listen and Speak, Read and Write) do not follow a chronological order.

For example, what should be the first page is instead page 16 with the wrong content. Other pages are also upside down.

“We apologise to all those affected,” said publisher Textos Editores in a statement, adding that not the whole print run was affected by the error.

The education ministry has ordered a recall of the affected books.

Critics accuse the government of not taking children’s education seriously and want higher standards to be adhered to.

Last year, scientific errors were reported in a natural science book used by grade six pupils.

Despite an outcry from parents the authorities did not comment at the time.

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