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Residents Lament On Devastating Flood In Isheri Community

Residents of Isheri North, a boundary between Lagos and Ogun State,  are appealing to the government to find a lasting solution to the issue of perennial flooding affecting their community.

This comes just following the release of water from the Oyan Dam by the Ogun Osun River Authority.

The Oyan River Dam is in Abeokuta North local government area of Ogun State in Nigeria’s South-West, about 20 km north west of the state capital Abeokuta.

The dam crosses the Oyan River, a tributary of the Ogun River. It is used primarily to supply raw water to Lagos and Abeokuta, but has potentials for use, in irrigation and power generation.

An executive of River Bank Estate, Olabode Abiodun said that because of the flood, Many properties are now submerged by the rising waters near the Ogun River. Some of them include Gavel estate, Riverbank estate, Oshorun heritage estate, Isheri riverview estate to name a few.

Olabode Abiodun, Executive of River Bank Estate

The main passage way into these estates are now overtaken by water released from Oyan Dam in Ogun state.

Residents living here have been sacked from their homes, prompting them to seek refuge in hotels or with family, as the situation remains far from pleasant.

The only alternative for transportation is canoes, which are insufficient to serve the entire community.

Woman uses canoe for transportation

Despite ongoing appeals to both Lagos and Ogun state governments to address the residents’ needs, the solution demands are far-fetched.

The Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun, when he visited declared state of emergency on the flooded Isheri community in Ifo Local Government Area of the state, as he assured residents of the area quick intervention to save the situation.

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The governor added that a comprehensive assessment that would lead to permanent solution to the menace of flooding in the affected area would be conducted very soon.

Legal advisor of isheri community, Mike Madoghwe says they are not confrontational about the issue. All they need is for the governments of Ogun state and Lagos state to come together and solve the issue.

Legal advisor of isheri community, Mike Madoghwe

He stressed that Lagos state was involved because the G.R.A located in the area which is 6, 000 plots is for lagos states and also among those areas affected in Isheri.



Water Supply

Water stored in reservoirs of the dam is used to provide adequate amounts of quality freshwater to residential, industrial facilities and mining sites.

Dams can be used to regulate the flow of water in rivers. Water can be released from the reservoir to support wildlife and ecosystems downstream during a drought and water can be released for agricultural uses during the same drought.


The primary function of many dams is to provide water for farming. Some dams divert rivers into canals or pipelines to irrigate land many miles away.

Dams are used also when a river flows at a lower elevation than the land to be irrigated.

Electrical Generation

Hydropower is considered clean because it does not contribute to global warming, air pollution, acid rain, or ozone depletion.

Dams produce over 103,800 megawatts of renewable electricity and meet 8 to 12 percent of power needs.

Flood Control

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Flood control dams impound floodwaters and then either release them under control to the river below the dam or store or divert the water for other uses.

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Water captured during the wet season can be stored for use during the dry season.

Mine Tailings

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Tailings can be liquid, solid, or a slurry of fine particles, and are usually highly toxic and potentially radioactive.

Debris Control

Dams provide enhanced environmental protection, such as the retention of hazardous materials and detrimental sedimentation.


Dams and locks provide for a stable system of inland river transportation throughout the heartland of the Nation.


Dams provide prime recreational facilities. Boating, skiing, camping, picnic areas and boat launch facilities are all supported by dams.


Glad to have you back. You’ve been on space.com, a show that is all about the environment. Our environment focus today is Oyan River Dam that was opened and causing great damage to the Isheri community in Lagos and Ogun states.

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So, we continued our visit to Oshorun heritage estate which was awarded the best estate in Isheri community in 2020. But with this devastating flood, it is becoming a shadow of its own self.

What we saw in the estate was worse than the devastation in river bank and Gavel estates.

The once vibrant estate is almost looking like a ghost area because some people cannot come out of their houses because of the flood.

In some cases, residents have left their houses and relocated to some place till the flood recedes.

Legal Advisor of Isheri Community, Mike Madogwe who took us round explained that some of the houses built on a higher plain so the flood didn’t get to them, while others had the heartbreaking flood to contend with.

Chairman of Oshorun Heritage Estate, Dayo Ayodogun said it was a harrowing experience.

Dayo Ayodogun, Chairman, Oshorun Heritage Estate

After Oshorun heritage estate, we decided to go further to some other estates in the area.

There’s a long stretch of road we saw. Do you know that this road, when it’s fully constructed can lead to Agric, Ikorodu, from this Isheri community?

Imagine the ease of traffic if this community does not go through the normal route of Lagos-Ibadan expressway. Also imagine the stressless journey of not having to travel that far to Ikorodu and even mile 12 to get food stuff. Food for thought.

So, as we moved further, we met a more devastating flood than we could imagine. It was getting the waists of people.

We saw a woman who had to rent a canoe. Barrister Madogwe told us that was how most people transported themselves.

Businesses, schools, homes, shut because of this experience.

He expressed satisfaction His Excellency Dapo Abiodun’s visit to the area and implored the governor of Lagos state, Babajide Sanwolu to follow suit.

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