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Rethinking Nigeria’s Foreign Policy In A Changing Landscape

During President Bola Tinubu’s Presidential inauguration, he had something really interesting to say about the Country’s Foreign Policy going forward. He said,

“…The crisis in Sudan and the turn from democracy by several nations in our immediate neighbor-hood are of pressing concern…”

“…As such, my primary foreign policy objective must be the peace and stability of the West African sub-region and the African continent. We shall work with ECOWAS, the AU and willing partners in the international community to end extant conflicts and to resolve new ones…”

“…As we contain threats to peace, we shall also retool our foreign policy to more actively lead the regional and continental quest for collective prosperity….”

According to the speech, President Bola Tinubu seeks to re-entrench Nigeria as the Giant of Africa and exert her influence over the region. But many experts and stakeholders are questioning the relevance and benefit of this direction in the light of the country’s Security and Economic Challenges.

These questions came to the fore during a Stakeholders Round Table discussion hosted by the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs. The theme of the summit was CHARTING THE WAY FORWARD: NIGERIA’S FOREIGN POLICY UNDER PRESIDENT BOLA AHMED TINUBU

Several of the Scholars and Researchers made presentations in which they reviewed and analyzed the challenges facing Nigeria’s Foreign Policy direction. The Round Table served to also make recommendations for President Tinubu as to the steps to take and put Nigeria back on its Trajectory as the Giant of Africa.

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