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Should America Let Israel Wipe Out Hamas Once and for All?

“We stand with Israel,” President Joe Biden said Tuesday. “And we will make sure that Israel has what it needs to take care of its citizens, defend itself, and respond to this attack.”

Statement made by the American president showed the usual vocal support for Israel just like his processors only to be put under pressure to cease hostilities and agree to a cease-fire.

Analyst’s say that America’s support for Israel should go beyond rhetoric and there is a need to walk the talk. Which means true support would have seen Biden and Congress agree to support Israel with time, resources and diplomatic cover to vanquish the demon of Hamas once and for all.

This would entail the U.S vetoing any UN security council overtures for a cease-fire or negotiation except on Israels terms. While encouraging Israel to keep its conditions for a truce an unconditional surrender of Hamas.

Some analysts say it is time to get israel out of the suicidal habit of living in potential threat of annihilation from an unrelenting and unrepentant neighbor, Hamas.

This position on Hamas is informed by history recalling the way world war II began and how it ended. The U.S should remember that it to a concerted effort with Israel agreeing to keep fighting the Axis powers until they had laid down their arms in an unconditional surrender.

That, many say is the fate Hamas and its Palestinian supporters should be confronted with with the civilised world lending its support as Israel presses on.

Sadly Hamas dis not target Israelis alone. Citizens of many countries some holiday makers were killed brutally, turtured and taken hostage. This should be a wakeup call for those who have been playing to the gallery over the threat posed by Hamas refusing to identify it as a terrorist organisation by the military arm of Palestine.

The book may be thrown at Israel with many quoting international law where proportionality turns entirely on one military objective. Looking at what protocol I of the Geneva Conventions, which says combatants must generally avoid civilian casualties that are excessive in relation to the “concrete and direct military advantage” to be gained. It means that if the military objective is legitimate, so is any force that is “necessary and proportional to achieve the objective.

There is no doubt that Israel has a humanitarian obligation to avoid civilian casualties even as it has ordered over one million Palestinians to evacuate Gaza. However it is Hams that has a history of fighting with disregard to Palestinian lives by even using them as human shields.

From inside schools and next to hospitals, Hamas has spent years launching indiscriminate missile attacks against Israel. Need we say these are war crimes? yet the UN call continued to play the ostrich by asking Israel to call off the evacuation.

It is obvious that Palestinian lives (Women and children) to Hamas are seen only as propaganda tools and are most valuable when they are dead in their bid to drum up sentiments and turn the world against Israel.

The despicable strategy has worked till now, the world should not tolerate it any longer and see Hamas for what it truly is.

A totally defeated Hamas might pose challenges that Israel will have to confront which include the re-occupation of Gaza. Unavoidable some analyst say but Israel will cross that bridge when it gets there.

For now, the U.S and the international community must give their unequivocal support to ensure that the threat posed by Hamas to the region is finally dealt with.

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