President Moon Jae-in laid out an ambitious goal for South Korea to become one of the world’s top five countries in offshore wind power by 2030.

He believes shifting to renewable energy will be a short cut to carbon neutrality and creating a future growth engine.

On Thursday, Moon was briefed on plans to establish a 6 gigawatt off-shore wind power complex near Ulsan as part of the Korean New Deal initiative.

” By 2030, we will build the world’s biggest floating wind power complex. The government and private sector together will invest 36 trillion won (US$ 32 bil.) and create 210,000 jobs. Ulsan will become the industrial capital of the clean energy era… as we move on from the era of fossil fuels.”

A floating wind turbine can be installed on seabeds as deep as 60 meters, giving them access to more consistent wind speeds.

The president emphasized, offshore wind can contribute to achieving the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

He pledged full government support as well as cooperation with the National Assembly.

Once constructed, the complex is expected to help reduce over 9 million tons of carbon emissions a year.



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