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Students To Participate In Bring Your Bible To School Day On Oct. 6

Students across the United States will have the chance to share their faith and celebrate religious freedom on the annual Bring Your Bible to School Day next month.

The event, scheduled to take place on October 6, is sponsored by Focus on the Family.

“It is crucial our students today understand the importance of God’s Word- that it is the words of life that give us a window into the heart of our creator,” Emerson Collins, Bring Your Bible to School spokesperson and project manager, said. “Perhaps now more than ever, the truth of scripture and the Gospel must be proclaimed.”

According to newsmen, Focus on the Family launched the first Bring Your Bible To School event in 2014. Eight-thousand students participated that first year. The event has since grown into a national movement.

Last year, over 500,000 students participated in Bring Your Bible to School Day. Many parents even posted pictures of their children with their Bibles on social media using the hashtag #BringYourBible.

“Bring Your Bible to School Day is a terrific opportunity for our nation’s students to boldly and freely put feet to their faith,” Jim Daly, president and CEO of Focus on the Family, explained. “In this day and age of shifting values and children desperate for hope and help, it comes at the perfect time, reminding all Americans of the principles of civility, free expression, and fair and open dialogue.”

John Cooper, the frontman of the Christian rock band Skillet, promoted the event on social media and stressed the importance of knowing God’s truth in today’s world.

“We are living in a time where truth can be whatever you want it to be. It’s my truth, it’s your truth, or the truth is changing,” he cautioned. “The Bible says the sum of [His] word is truth, and that is good news because what it means is that you can actually live a life built on sure footing in the word of God because His truth never ever changes.”

Earlier this week, students across the globe participated in another faith-based event known as See You at the Pole, where they gathered in front of their school flagpoles for a time of prayer.

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