Surveillance Cameras: Saudi Cabinet Approves New Regulations

Regulations on the use of surveillance cameras in Saudi Arabia have been approved by the Council of Ministers, headed by King Salman.

The Kingdom’s Ministry of Interior, Presidency of State Security and Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority will now implement the regulations.

Buildings and institutions where the installation and use of cameras is mandatory, where their use is prohibited, as well as the punishments for violations of the law are outlined in the legislation.

Areas such as schools and universities, public and private health facilities, public transport and buildings such as government ministries and institutions are now required to install surveillance cameras on their premises.

The regulations also stipulate that it is prohibited to install cameras in any changing rooms, medical check-up rooms and operating theaters, toilets, salons and women’s clubs.

A set of penalties for violations include SR500 for low or poor quality of cameras; SR1,000 for poor installation and maintenance of systems and no signage informing of surveillance; SR5,000 for not recording and keeping footage; SR10,000 for installing cameras in prohibited areas; and SR20,000 for transmission or destruction of footage or camera systems.

An incentive, or financial reward, to the value of 10 percent of the relevant fine will also be given to any person who assists in the prosecution of violators of the law.

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