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Teenagers In Australia can now Change Their Gender Without The Permission Of Their Parents

Queensland, a state in Australia has announced plans to allow teenagers to change genders on their birth certificates without their parents’ permission.

Currently, if people in the state want to change the Gender on their birth certificates, they would have to undergo reassignment surgery. but the new plans from the state Labor Government, which are expected to pass comfortably, will drop the surgery requirement.

They would also allow new Parents to not list any Gender on the documents of their newborn baby. meanwhile, Children aged 12 to 15 will require their Parents’ permission to change their birth certificate. however, they can still apply to the courts if their Parents do not support them.

Queensland will also not require a medical statement from a doctor or psychologist. The Queensland law society has warned the changes to Gender could lead to problems in the court.

Law Society president Kara Thompson said: “we seek further clarification on how verification of identity processes are to be managed in the absence of a Sex descriptor appearing on a person’s birth certificate, where current procedures refer to gender”.

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According to Australia’s website, ”the law allows Parents to bring up their Children according to their own values and beliefs. this means that you have the right to make decisions about how you bring up your Children without interference unless there are very good reasons and your Child’s safety and well-being are at risk. 

Decisions such as Religion, schooling, discipline, medical treatment, and where your child lives are your right and responsibility to make. these decisions will not be interfered with unless your Child is badly treated, is not receiving education, is not allowed medical treatment when it is needed or there is an order by a court”

At 16, young people are allowed to get medical treatments without their Parents’ consent, but can’t drink Alcohol till a much later age. a clear contradiction of the new series of legislation.

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