Hi there! So it’s that time of the year where we chant MERRY CHRISTMAS! with lots of smiles, hugs and love. But do you know what I love most about Christmas and the Yuletide season? Come closer let me tell you. The food! Yes. The festive season comes with lots of wining and dining. Whether at parties, or at home with family and friends, the food hits differently.

So, in the spirit of Christmas, I’ll be sharing a special Christmas dish in the hope to help you spice up your kitchen for the season. One of the common Christmas staple is Fried Rice and Chicken, right? But I’ll be sharing a special Fried Rice recipe called “The Goat Meat Fried Rice” (Lol I’m resisting the urge to add special before the goat meat). Well, That’s it.

The Goat Meat Fried Rice

Not only will I be sharing this special recipe, the full video of how to prepared it, will be shared as well, so try not to miss it. I was with a seasoned chef the other day and we had an amazing time making the Special Goat Meat Fried Rice and a Full Thanksgiving Chicken which came as bonus recipe. From the colourful ingredients to the smell and lastly the outcome which tastes so heavenly, It felt like Christmas already.

Christmas dish

So, watch out for the video on here and don’t forget to try it out, especially for Christmas/Yuletide. It is easy breezy to prepare and of course affordable yet uniquely different from your regular fried rice. Trust me, you won’t regret trying this special Christmas dish.

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Do remember to comment and share your take when the video drops. I’ll be here waiting for your comments. Merry Christmas Darlings!


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