The Parliament of the United Kingdom on Monday held a debate following e-petitions received accusing the Nigerian government and security officials of human rights abuses and extrajudicial killings.

The debate opened by Theresa Villers, stemmed from a petition started by Silas Ojo. The petition garnered more than 220,000 signatories, crossing the 100,000 mark needed for a petition to be debated by the lawmakers.

Villers said the petition was prompted by disturbing violence in Nigeria over recent weeks and the petitioners have a credible case.

While condemning the suppression of peaceful protesters through travel ban and asset freezing, Villers said the plight of the Nigerian youths must never be forgotten.

Following the debate, the lawmakers demanded the UK government to consider imposing sanctions on officials who are found culpable of human rights abuses of Nigerian citizens.

The lawmakers said any individuals found responsible for these atrocities following investigations by the Nigerian government must face sanctions.


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