A shipment of latex gloves by Malaysian manufacturers Top Glove, have been seized by US customs authorities for flouting ban. The shipment was found in Kansas City despite an import ban on its products over forced labour allegations.

In a statement, the US Customs and Border Protection said the 4.68 million latex gloves produced by a Top Glove unit in Malaysia with an estimated value of $690,000 was the second shipment seized from the company in the space of a week.

US Customs prohibited the import of Top Glove products last year, saying that upon investigation, it had found evidence of multiple forced labour indicators in Top Glove’s production process, including debt bondage, excessive overtime, abusive working and living conditions, and retention of identity documents.

Top Glove said that it has since resolved all indicators of forced labour in its operations. They have also been verified by London-based ethical trade consultant Impact Limited.


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