South Korea’s first public craft museum will open soon in central Seoul, showcasing a variety of local arts and crafts from the past to present day.

Using natural materials, artisans throughout history have created craftwork.

Though the official opening ceremony was delayed due to the pandemic, the Seoul Museum of Craft Art the nation’s only public museum specializing in arts and crafts has been inviting visitors since mid-July to have an early look inside.

Built on the former site of Poongmoon Girls’ High School in Jongno-gu District, the museum is right in between two of the capital’s most popular tourist spots, Gyeongbokgung Palace and Insadong Street.

“The museum showcases various craftwork from all periods. Visitors can enjoy the extensive textile art collection including the treasure the embroidered folding screen ‘Sagye Bungyeondo’ and lacquerware inlaid with mother-of-pearl.”

Presumed to be the oldest embroidered folding screen in South Korea, the Sagye Bungyeongdo depicts four seasons each with different flowers and potted plants.

As well as luxurious folding screens, everyday items were also embroidered with symbols such as a phoenix or peonies to wish for prosperity.

“Our museum also shows the tools used in embroidery, the modern style and a variety of embroidery techniques, which is what differentiates our collection from others.”

It also gives visitors an inside look at how master artisans use the “najeon” technique, where they inlay items with mother-of-pearl.

They can also see unique artist-made modern and contemporary craftwork including tableware, furniture and glass pieces.

“Encompassing craft art of all eras and fields,… the Seoul Museum of Craft Art offers a platform for visitors to delve into its cultural value.



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