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Voters Will Receive Text Messages To Know new Polling Units – INEC

The independent national electoral commission (INEC) says voters assigned to new polling units will receive text messages to know their new polling units before the February 25 and march 11, 2023 general elections.

The electoral commission said voters can locate and confirm their polling units before the general elections by sending regular texts or WhatsApp messages to a dedicated telephone number which will be uploaded on INEC social media platforms.

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Mahmood Yakubu, the chairman of INEC, announced this on Monday during a gathering of political parties in the INEC Conference Room in Abuja.

240 polling places in 28 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) will not hold elections because there are no registered voters, according to Yakubu, who also noted that there are currently 176,606 polling places nationwide.

The INEC chair noted, “It is apparent that some voters could not readily identify their polling units from the comments we obtained from our officials and accredited observers during the recent nationwide mock accreditation using the Bimodal Voter Registration Systems (BVAS).”

On election day, this should not take place. As a result, the Commission is urging voters to use a specific website to validate the whereabouts of their voting places.

Additionally, the Commission will send SMS messages to all voters who have been assigned to new polling places identifying their polling places.

Specifically for individuals who might not have submitted their telephone numbers during voter registration or those whose numbers may have changed, he said that the INEC has produced the registry of such voters and that the commission’s state offices will make it widely known.

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