The mention of bonnets may conjure up some images from the middle ages if you’ve ever heard of it or if you have naturally very straight hair. You will not be wrong, as the word bonnets have been used to describe a host of headgears for both men and women since the middle ages. The word is french derived where it originally indicated a type of material. However, it has translated into much more. From the headgear used by female servants as a form of protection from the sun to the stylish headpiece, worn by the elite women in informal settings, every generation, and every social class, male and female have worn bonnets at one time.
Bonnets have also been an indication of devotion to religion and worn by the Amish and Mennonite denominations as a Christian head covering.

But the bonnets were talking about here, the ones that help us get fabulous hair is a headgear of another make! Let me introduce, the silk or satin bonnet!

Bonnets are the most effective, least expensive way to protect your hair. They help keep your hair in place, like your regular hairnets and stocking caps, but a silk or satin bonnet makes sure that your hair’s moisture stays in place too.
The majority of our beddings in this part of the world are done with cotton, and the way cotton comes makes it easy for your hair to attach itself to the fiber. When the inevitable tossing and turning happens, the attached strands break off.
Sleeping without proper hair protection can extremely dehydrate your hair and stunt its growth. that’s why getting a bonnet is half the journey to getting the hair you can be proud of.
When it comes to choosing between silk or satin, note that satin is much cheaper than silk, but if you want to use just natural fibers, then silk may be the better of the two.
If the bonnet for one reason or the other doesn’t work for you, there is the option of a silk or satin scarf or a pillowcase in either fabric.
The satin or silk pillowcase, bonnet, and scarf will maintain the natural oils in your hair and protect from friction between your hair and other surfaces.

Contrary to popular belief, while the bonnet is common amongst nappy or kinky-haired women, it’s not peculiar to them. Anybody with hair on their head that they want to protect can wear a bonnet, use a silk pillowcase or tie a scarf which is the equivalent of a Durag.

So jump on this easy wagon today and save yourself from bad hair days cause this trend has come to stay.


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