Wild Monkey Rampages: Japanese Police Turning To Tranquiliser Guns To Stem Tide

Authorities are still figuring out if one rogue animal or a gang of perpetrators are behind wild monkeys attacks.

In recent weeks, 42 people have been reported injured in Yamaguchi city – including children and the elderly.

The attacks are being blamed on Japanese macaques.

However, while they are a common sight in large parts of the country, incidents like these are unusual.

“It’s rare to see this many attacks in a short period of time,” said one city official, declining to give their name. “Initially only children and women were attacked. Recently elderly people and adult men have been targeted too.”

Attempts to capture the animals with traps ended in failure and police patrols implemented since the first attack in early July have failed to deter the culprits.

Authorities are also unsure if the assaults are the work of a single rogue monkey or several.

Injuries have varied, with local media reporting victims have received anything from scratches, bitten legs and hands, to bitten necks and stomachs.

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