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Barcelona striker, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, has finally broken his silence on the club’s decision to sign Robert Lewandowski.

Aubameyang welcomed Barcelona’s decision to sign Lewandowski, insisting that he was really excited.

Recall that Barcelona recently signed Lewandowski from Bayern Munich.

Aubameyang and Lewandowski have experience of playing together before, combining to score 44 goals in their year together at Borussia Dortmund.

“I was really excited because I know him well. We played together at Dortmund and had some nice times over there,” the former Arsenal captain told ESPN.

“I was just happy and when this was official, we were reunited and we had some fun words about the past, but I’m really happy because this is how Barcelona will compete, with great strikers and that’s what this club is all about.

“Obviously, I think we have more experience, we can maybe do better than the past in Dortmund, I am sure about that.

“Personally, I will try to give my best and I’m sure he will do it. We hope we have better numbers than in the past.”

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