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World Deepest Pool Opens For Diving In Dubai

Dubai now has the world deepest diving pool by the Guinness World Records standards.

The new indoor pool is nearly 200 feet deep and holds almost 3.7 million gallons of water. It’s also home to a vast underwater attraction resembling a “sunken city” that divers can explore either on their own or with a guide.

Deep dive Dubai opened on July 7th and is open to travelers 10 years and older, including those who are donning a mask and tank for the first time. 

With graffiti sprawled around and a portrait of Marilyn Monroe hanging on the wall, the pool contains the remnants of a lost submerged city. An apartment building,a library even an arcade with a vintage Pac-Man machine are some of the things divers would see in the pool.

According to the website, several dives are needed to fully explore it but beginners can dive to a depth of 40 feet, while those with certifications can explore the entire pool either with a guide or alone. Certified divers can also “free dive” — which is diving without a tank, using breath only.

For now, bookings are by invitation only. Public bookings will open later in July at the company’s website. Prices start at 800 United Arab Emirates dirhams ($218).

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