Renowned Tele-evangelist and President of Loveworld also known as Christ Embassy Rev Chris Oyakhilome DSC. DD has flayed Church leaders who compromised and agreed to shut their churches as a result of the covid-19 scare, saying they never believed even when they answered the Pastoral call.

He made the submission recently at a ministry meeting, the Global communion service.

During the discussion segment were he fields questions and treats contemporary issues bordering on prophesy and the body of Christ.

Speaking to a captivated audience, Pastor Chris questioned the rationale behind the closure of Churches by government and the compromise amongst those who were meant resist the falsehood from the covid-19 protagonists.

“How could you leave Jesus solutions for the world solutions? Jesus Christ told us what to do with diseases or sicknesses. If you weren’t targeting the church why don’t you ask those with enough faith to still go to church? You never really believed even when you answered pastor!”

He admonished them never to betray their faith by obeying the world’s prescriptions.

“Jesus told us how to deal with public health. Never again give up Jesus instructions for the world’s prescriptions”

Pastor Chris, who has been vocal about the deceit of covid-19 throughout the lockdown with online broadcasts of YourLoveworld Specials, exposed the Corona virus as a fiasco and went on to share the agenda behind.

We’ve come to a climatic point. No turning back. What the world is facing today is a group of economic globalists… Don’t believe what the media is saying… These globalists are admirers of the Chinese model. The so called one world economy is not different from the Chinese communist party great leap forward of the 1950s”

He sighted that the leap forward cost lives and this was a closely guarded secret by the Chinese whose model the globalist intended to replicate.

“45 million people died as a result of the great leap forward… It’s about collectivisation. Forfeiture of personal properties for the government. In a sense, everyone is a property of the government. Rationing food… The drive for industrialisation and mechanisation… The deaths were planned. They wanted smaller population”

using scripture to buttress his point the man of God also encouraged the congregation that this was the time of the church and it would continue to thrive regardless of opposition.

“The Church will not go under. We can’t go under or into hiding. We didn’t come this far to give up what God gave us. Many ministers laboured what we have. The right to worship and preach the gospel everywhere.

It cost too much. We will go to heaven and thank those saints of God. Not to say we were sorry that we lost what they laboured for and gave us” 

Listening with rapt attention he declared that the church would not buckle but would use everything in its arsenal to overcome the enemy.

“We will believe and pray like anybody in the Bible. Except we win. It’s not over. We will not bend or break” 

Pastor Chris has provided much needed leadership and guidance to billions especially in these times of hopelessness and despair.

Inspite of government restrictions on churches, his online ministry has continued to thrive with a broadcast of over eighty episodes of YourLove world specials during the lockdown to an unprecedented 3.5 billion people.


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