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Exploring Blyde River Canyon, South Africa 

Blyde River Canyon, sometimes referred to as Motlatse Canyon, is a very large canyon that is considered to be among the largest ones in the entire world, and it is located in the Province of Mpumalanga, within the eastern part of the Republic of South Africa.

Being 26 km (16 mi) long, it is the third-largest canyon in the world, and unlike other canyons, Blyde River Canyon is dominated by subtropical vegetation which makes it a very green and lush place.

The canyon includes the Blyde River Canyon Reserve which stretches down the canyon itself, and at every single turn, there are more and more impressive views that are complemented by impressive views over sheer edges that are rising 800 meters (2,624 feet) above the riverbed.

In addition to its impressive size, Blyde River Canyon is considered also to be one of South Africa’s most outstanding natural sights that are one of the more popular natural features a person can see in person while in the country.

Being part of the Panorama Route, a scenic road in South Africa connecting several cultural and natural points of interest, the canyon swiftly became one of the most prominent places that international travelers are constantly visiting on their trips to South Africa.

Furthermore, the geology and climate of this high rainfall plateau result in masses of waterfalls that are mesmerizing to look at, and perhaps the most interesting one is the Kadishi Waterfall which with its 200 meters (660 feet) in height represents the “weeping face” of Mother Nature.

Nevertheless, the surprises are not stopping with the waterfall, another alluring feature is the Three Rondavels.

These gems are three round, grass-covered mountain tops with somewhat pointed peaks which resemble the traditional African-style hut, better known as rondavel, and despite this, they are often called the Three Sisters.

The formation of these geological marvels came with the slow erosion of underlying soft stone, leaving the exposed and more resistant quartzite and shale rondavels.

Additionally, supporting large diversity of life, the fauna includes numerous fish and antelope species as well as hippos and crocodiles, and every primate species that can be seen in South Africa.

The bird-life on another hand is even richer and includes more than 50 bird species, among which the Cape vulture, black eagle, crowned eagle, African fish eagle, gymnogene, jackal buzzard, white-rumped vulture, bald ibis, African finfoot, Knysna lourie, purple-crested lourie, Gurney’s sugarbird, malachite sunbird, cinnamon dove are worth being mentioned.

In conclusion, certainly considered one of the greatest gems of South Africa, Blyde River Canyon shall continue to be featured on every tourism brochure making sure that it will help undecided tourists to choose South Africa as their next travel destination.

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