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Once Upon A Time – February 6 – 1971 – American Astronaut Alan Shepard Is 1st To Hit A Golf Ball On Moon

1508 Maximilian I proclaimed Holy Roman Emperor, 1st Emperor in centuries not to be crowned by the Pope

1778 France recognizes USA, signs Treaty of Alliance in Paris, 1st US treaty

1819 Stamford Raffles founds Singapore as a British trading port

1840 The Treaty of Waitangi is signed between 40 Māori Chiefs (later signed by 500) and representatives of the British crown in Waitangi, New Zealand. The treaty was designed to share sovereignty between the two groups.

1952 Queen Elizabeth II succeeds King George VI to the British throne and proclaimed Queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms including Canada, Australia and New Zealand

1989 Solidarity union leader Lech Wałęsa begins negotiating with Polish government

Historical Events Today Events in 2022

Today In Film & TV

1921 Charlie Chaplin releases his first full-length feature – “The Kid”, a silent film starring Charlie Chaplin & Jackie Coogan

Today In Music

1965 Righteous Brothers “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin'” hits #1

Today In Sport

2018 Brazilian jockey Jorge Ricardo equals world record number of victories for a jockey – 12,844 in Rio de Janeiro

1992 The Sámi people of the far northern Nordic countries have an official day celebrating their existence

1971 American astronaut Alan Shepard is 1st to hit a golf ball on the moon

Famous Weddings

1843 American Frontiersman Kit Carson (33) weds Mexican socialite Josefa Jaramillo (14) at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, in Taos, Mexico

1949 Diplomat Henry Kissinger (25) weds Ann Fleisher (23) in Washington Heights, Manhattan

1993 US Senator Mitch McConnell (51) weds economist Elaine Chao

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