Exploring First Circular Skyscraper In Hong Kong, Hopewell Centre

Hopewell Centre is a 216 meters (709 feet), 64 floors skyscraper at 183 Queen’s Road East, in Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong.

It is the first circular skyscraper in Hong Kong, which actually is named after a Hong Kong-listed property firm, Hopewell Holdings Limited, which constructed the building. Hopewell Holdings Limited is headquartered in the building and its Chief executive officer, has his office on the top floor of the building.

The construction of the building began in 1977 and it was completed in 1980.

When it was completed, at that time it was the tallest building in Hong Kong, surpassing the previous tallest Jardine House, and second tallest building in Asia.

The skyscraper kept its title for only 9 years, when then finished Bank of China Tower, took over the title. Since there are new skyscrapers rising all over Hong Kong, Hopewell Centre is the 20th tallest building in Hong Kong.

The front entrance of the building is on the ground floor, where the visitors/workers are taken through set of escalators to the 3rd floor lift lobby, from where with the elevators takes them around its circular floor plan.

It stands on top of a slope of a hill so steep that the back entrance actually is on the 17th floor, towards Kennedy Road.

The lobbies are as said located on 3rd and 17th floor, a mini-sky lobby is on the 56th floor and serves as a transfer floor which connects the restaurants 60/F and 62/F.

On the exterior of the building, it can be seen white bumps between the windows which serve as a built in window-washer guide rails. In the end, as it goes high in the sky, and once had the tallest building title, it still can take your bretah away when you are in front of it!

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