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Guernsey: 14 Deputies Push Energy Plan

Building a windfarm off Guernsey’s coast could reduce bills and make millions of pounds through renewable energy, a report has found.

Reports into how solar, tidal and wind energy could benefit the economy were commissioned by 14 deputies.

They found excess energy could be sold to other jurisdictions, lowering bills and making significant profit.

Deputy Carl Meerveld said leasing sea beds for a windfarm could benefit the island financially and economically.

He said: “It could address all of our ambitions for zero carbon before 2050, it could generate tens or even into a hundred million plus pounds a year revenue reducing a need for tax increases.

“It could also provide us with low cost electricity, reducing fuel poverty and the cost of living for every resident in Guernsey.”

The report stated Guernsey needed to “place renewables as a central pillar of economic recovery”, and that “the cost of energy and carbon emissions will continue to rise for the island unless there is support for investment in renewables”.It also said leasing an area of seabed to an energy company could supply the island with up to 15 times more energy than it needed.

The group aims to put their proposals before the Committee of the Environment and Infrastructure and ask for the findings to be taken into consideration.

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