When speaking of robots, there’s no time like the present.

They can dance, send love, and many are even taking human jobs.

At an exhibit, ‘ROBOT. The Human Project’, held at MUDEC art museum in Milan, an avatar robot is even filling in for the co-curator.

Visitors can also sign up for a virtual visit to explore the exhibit, in the form of an avatar robot.

“The idea of this exhibit is to show different possibilities of the future of cohabitation and interaction between human beings and robots, and this is a good example.”

The exhibit displays the past, present and future of high-tech droids, ranging from a 16th century Renaissance creation to a droid supporting medical staff to fight COVID-19 in an Italian hospital today.

Also, the exhibit collaborated with leading research institutes to provide a window into the future of robots, including drawing knowledge from biology to improve artificial intelligence.

It runs from May first to August first this year.



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