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Once Upon A Time – August 16 – 1945 – Puyi, Last Chinese Emperor Is Captured By Soviet Troops

1896 Gold first discovered in Klondike, found at Bonanza Creek in the Yukon, Canada by George Carmack

1930 I British Empire Games open in Hamilton, Canada

1945 Puyi, the last Chinese Emperor and ruler of Manchukuo is captured by Soviet troops

1946 Direct Action Day: Widespread riots erupt in Calcutta between Muslims and Hindus over whether Pakistan should be a separate state, killing over 4,000 and leaving 100,000 homeless

2012 Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange is granted political asylum by Ecuador

Historical Events Today Events in 2023
Today in Film & TV
1930 The first color sound cartoon “Fiddlesticks” by Ub Iwerks (ex Walt Disney studio) is released

Today in Music
1974 American punk rock band “The Ramones” concert debut at CBGB’s in New York City

Today in Sport
1743 Champion of England titleholder Jack Broughton publishes ‘Rules of the Ring’ – earliest boxing code

2008 Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt sets new world record of 9.69 seconds to win the coveted 100m gold medal at the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics

1989 A solar flare from the Sun creates a geomagnetic storm that affects micro chips, leading to a halt of all trading on Toronto’s stock market.

1972 Morocco King Hassan II’s B727 shot during failed coup attempt by General Mohamed Oufkir. Reportedly, King Hassan grabbed the radio and told the rebel pilots “Stop firing! The tyrant is dead!”, fooling pilots to break off attack

Famous Weddings
1290 Charles of Valois, son of King Philip III of France weds Margaret of Anjou, daughter of King Charles II of Naples

1477 Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, weds Mary of Burgundy, the heiress to the Duchy of Burgundy in Ghent, Belgium

1846 Italian “The Barber of Seville” opera composer Gioachino Rossini (54) marries 2nd wife, French model Olympe Pélissier (47) in Paris, France

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