Everybody, skincare junkie or not, knows that there are a million little rules and rituals to be observed when it comes to caring for your skin. Some of them are basic and apply to everyone, like the general rule to bathe regularly for clean skin, while others are specifically for people with skin issues they want to address.
The skin is by far the largest organ in the body, so I’m not surprised.

Well, there’s a new rule in town, and people are raving about it. It’s the 60-second rule by LA esthetician and YouTuber Nayamka Roberts-Smith, LE . this skincare tip works for every skin type, every skin tone.
What the 60-second rule is, is washing your face with just your fingers for 60secods.

The average person washes their face for about 10 – 20 seconds which is nowhere near enough time for you to pay your skin the attention it needs. When you do the 60-second rule, you take your time and your fingers get everywhere. The ingredients in your cleansers or face soap get a chance to actually work as cleansers are the one item in your skincare routine that does not stay on your skin.

When I first heard about this rule, I had to try it because I have naturally oily skin that is prone to lots of breakouts, so I was excited about a solution. The first thing that happened was an outrageous increase in the amounts of pimples on my face. I was shocked and livid and I immediately stopped. but what had happened was something called ‘PURGING’. Because I was washing for longer, what I was doing was increasing cell turnover on my face, which works to reveal what is buried deep in my pores. My pores were not clean so all that dirt had to go somewhere.
The good news, however, is that the purging eventually goes away revealing fine, healthy-looking skin, and it does not happen to everyone to begin with.

Lastly, if you have dry skin and you’re worried that this might be stripping for your skin, the solution is to change your soap or cleansers not to wash less.


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